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KRAFT Paints has to propose an excellent technical solution to the major problem of surface cracking in building constructions. Cracks and disintegration of surface coatings are often the result of:

  • Time wear of materials ,
  • Expansion and contraction of building materials due to temperature changes,
  • Moisture penetration in surface coatings,
  • Small movements of building structure, etc.

problematic surfaces

A reliable and long-lasting solution to the above is the shielding of problematic surfaces with KRAFT special anticracking protection materials. After suitable background preparation (repair of loose parts, removal of old paints, priming, etc.), the application of suitable coatings characterized by the elasticity, durability and ultimate aesthetic enhancement they can provide. There are 2 main Anticracking Protection systems:


  • Anticracking protection with additional energy upgrading effect due to the European patented material CLIMA Comfort Stucco. Ideal for buildings with strong expansion and contraction forces and, at the same time, with a need for energy upgrading without the possibility of using a heat-insulating board due to eg. lack of space or architectural restriction (partitions or uncovered apartment spaces).

    CLIMA Comfort STUCCO is Waterborne polycarbonate polymer modified acrylic coating, highly resistant to substrate alkali migration, with excellent adhesion to pre-painted cementitious substrates. Highly durable coating, it benefits from a combination of patented energy saving and solar energy reflecting ingredients and a unique binder system reinforced with a highly durable polycarbonate polymer that enhances water resistance, improves water vapor permeability and provides an easily cleaned fine textured surface. Tintable, it features exceptional color fastness, exterior durability and UV resistance. Superior resistance to bacteria, fungi and algae. Excellent solar reflection and unique thermal insulating ingredients store daytime heat energy, blocking heat gain during the summer and retaining heat during the winter, improving indoor comfort and energy efficiency. . The material has a solar reflective index SRI≥108, a thermal conductivity λ≤0,17 W / mK, a thermal emittance ε≥0,93 and it is certified by ETAG004.. Indicative consumption of 1.8 – 2.4 lt / m2.


  • Anticracking protection using elastic base coat while embedding alkali resistant reinforcing mesh and final organic coating (plaster). This system is distinguished in 2 subsystems depending on the building requirements:
    1. High strength, cement based, fiber-reinforced base coat Strong Bond with additional use of alkali resistant reinforcing mesh Strong Net, acrylic primer and 4 separated options of final organic plaster (acrylic, elastomeric, silicone, granite). This solution is proposed in most cases in conventional building structures (e.g. concrete and brick)
    2. Very High strength, fiber-reinforced organic (non cement based) base coat Total Bond with additional use of alkali resistant reinforcing mesh Strong Net, acrylic primer and 4 separated options of final organic plaster (acrylic, elastomeric, silicone, granite). This solution is proposed at these buildings with particular requirements for resistance to strong expansion and contraction forces. (eg metal constructions, panel constructions, etc.)

coatings variety

KRAFT’s BIOCLIMA system offers a variety of options depending on the building needs. It is possible to use these final coatings:

  1. Acrylic base, AcrylicPlaster, for typical building structures
  2. Acrylic base of very high elasticity, Flexoplaster, for buildings with strong expansion and contraction forces or at high altitudes,
  3. Siloxane base,Waterproof Plaster, for buildings requiring high water repellency and ease of cleaning such as seaside or very polluting areas,
  4. High aesthetics and durability plaster, Granite, for cases of special architectural design in a multitude of colorful or monochrome shades

All final coatings of the KRAFT certified BIOCLIMA system can be painted and delivered ready for use on the construction site in one of the 900 recommended FRA KRAFT external color shades and in different grain size ranges from 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm.