Architecture & KRAFT

Α correct, well examined selection of shades is of particular importance to architects. Color affects the feeling of experience. However, architects, with their knowledge and experience, combine materials, the history of the place and also explore other qualitative elements such as the wider environment and local symbols that act to shape the final aesthetics of their work. KRAFT Paints offers unlimited color possibilities.

Today, more than ever, Architecture plays an important role in shaping the living and business spaces we live in, further expanding the way we think about the aesthetic and functional balance of our spaces. Within this mind frame and always with the quality of the upgraded result using our solutions and products, we fully support Architects and their particular needs.

The combination of KRAFT Paints and the Certified External Heat Insulation System BIOCLIMA is a highly modern and technologically sound solution for Architects and specifier project offices.

With plenty of private owned and hotel projects nationwide we are pleased to inform, educate and send our products through our Greek Partner Network to anything necessary needed to meet a project.

We can help and guide you in interior and exterior decoration advice; architectural designing shades selection, as well as advice on supervising ground work, performing reconstructions, renovations and new buildings.

Taking advantage of decades of experience in producing amazing shades, responsibility, high expertise of our specialized staff, our main concern is to provide complete solutions with speed, reliability and specialization in what we propose.

  • Support
  • Advantages
We support
you with:
  • Expert group of KRAFT Technical Consultants
  • Architect seminar education in shades, products, thermal insulation systems
  • A range of technologically advanced architectural colors
  • Fandecks and color cards with unique shades
  • Modern coloring system with coverage points all over Greece through our Partner Network
  • Products certifications by recognized Greek and International Organizations
  • Consulting Services
  • Guidance during the project
  • Energy Save Products
  • High construction value
  • High aesthetics
  • EXCLUSIVE – Color Resistance to Solar Reflectance – KRAFT Paints provides a variety of shades with Total Reflectance (TSR) through the REFLECTIVE Collection. The solar reflectance value for each shade has been measured by the National Technical University of Athens according to internationally certified measurement standards. The REFLECTIVE COLLECTION fan consists of 185 shades selected by a team of designers and architects highly skilled in the exterior facades of buildings combined with the innovative 4SEASONS exterior paints series.
  • Protection against damage on the surface of the paint
  • Long-lasting preservation of hues & aesthetics
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Upgrade the value of architectural construction