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CLIMAcomfort systemComfort and Cost Saving

This is an energy upgrading system, simple in application, suitable for all buildings, which impressively increases a building’s thermal inertia to temperature changes, reducing its total energy consumption up to 20%.

1. First of all, cost saving

When the CLΙΜΑcomfort® system is applied, financial benefits become obvious immediately:

  • Reduction of electricity bills
  • Minimization of maintenance cost
  • Short depreciation time
  • Upgrading of the building’s commercial value
  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions up to 25%
2. Protection of the building

It prevents overheating and energy losses by the triple action of its ingredients, significantly reducing the problems caused to the building by thermal changes. Its thermal insulation and waterproof properties ensure:

  • Protection of the building’s frame from cracks and thermal changes
  • Excellent solar reflectance
  • Increase of the building’s life span
  • Significant reduction of surface temperature on structural surfaces
3. A healthy, highly aesthetic environment

Using the unique color shades of Kraft Inspired Color, CLΙΜΑcomfort® creates a pleasant temperature in a healthy, highly aesthetic environment.

  • It prevents the growth of mould and algae
  • Antibacterial
  • High quality waterproof material
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hundreds of color shades
  • Unique finishes by Kraft Inspired Color
  • Outstanding resistance to dampness
4. Easy, low cost application

Designed for easy, fast use by simple external application, without problems or unnecessary expenses.

  • No need for electric, plumbing, or mechanical modifications
  • Suitable for all buildings

BIOCLIMACLIMAcomfort system

CLΙΜΑcomfort®, a practical protection system, ideal for the climate conditions and seismicity of our country, constitutes a technological novelty in the challenge of climate change and growing thermal fatigue of buildings.

Combining the properties of special microspheres, BIOCLIMA studied, certified, and patented Clima Comfort Environmental Technology, which opens a new era in the thermal comfort of buildings.

Through the self-regulation of masonry temperatures, CLΙΜΑcomfort®, creates a pleasant indoor environment, ensuring coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter, in healthy, highly aesthetic surroundings.


CLΙΜΑcomfort® What does it mean? What do I get?
Based on European patent EP 2289862 Upgrade of commercial property value up to 20% savings energy consumption
Made for Greek Climate conditions Redesigning a building face Reduced maintenance costs
Easy and fast application Protection of the building frame Upgrade of commercial value of the property
No additional is required work on the facades of the building Increase the life of the building Minimum damping time
Applied without disturbance Increase the life of the building
880 shades Minimize thermal bridges Upgrading thermal comfort and hygiene of the interior
Environmental friendly
High resistance to moisture