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CLΙΜΑcool® is the technological answer to climate change.

1. Financial benefits

When the CLΙΜΑcool® protection system is applied, financial benefits become immediately obvious:

  • Energy savings up to 14%
  • Thermal comfort
  • Minimization of maintenance cost
  • Very short depreciation time
2. Immediate protection of the building

Solar reflectance prevents the building’s frame fatigue due to thermal energy accumulation, thus increasing the building’s life span. The reflective and waterproofing properties of CLΙΜΑcool® ensure:

  • Up to 90% solar reflectance
  • Waterproofing of outer surfaces
  • Protection of the building’s frame
  • Anticracking protection
  • Increase of the building’s life span
  • Contribution to the decrease of the urban heat island effect
3. A pleasant, healthy environment

By utilizing the unique natural shades of Kraft Inspired ColorCLΙΜΑcool® ensures a cool, healthy, highly aesthetic environment.

  • It prevents the growth of fungi and algae
  • Self-cleaning
  • It removes the walls’ dampness του τοίχου
  • 57 shades of high reflectance
  • Hundreds of natural Kraft Inspired Color shades
4. Easily and quickly

Designed for easy, fast use by a simple external application, it offers the advantages of efficient technology without any problem.

  • Suitable for all buildings
  • Special solutions for recently constructed buildings
  • Application on walls and roofs


The Greek climate’s long periods of high temperatures and the urban heat island effect place additional strain on construction materials, since they “test” their endurance under extreme conditions.
CLΙΜΑcool® system employs high-tech engineering and cool coating technology to cover the building by a protective coating with 90% solar reflectance, and deflect solar radiation away from the building’s interior. In addition, ClimaCool Sealer energy membrane absorbs heat energy and undergoes a reversible elastic extension, thereby creating a waterproof layer and reducing the heat energy that enters the substrate underneath.
It’s a cost-effective, practical solution that saves energy by preventing the increase of the building’s heat load, effortlessly maintaining its interior cool.


CLΙΜΑcool® What does it mean? What do I earn?
Bright White Reformation property savings of up to 14%
Highest grade reflectivity 90% Thermal protection of the building skeleton Reduce maintenance costs
Made for Greek climatic conditions Excellent behavior in humidity Very short time depreciation
Easy and fast application Does not allow the growth of mold and microbes Increase life time of the building
880 shades Self-cleaning system
Εnvironmentally friendly