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CLIMAroof systemLightweight and Durable Thermal and Hydro Insulation System

Here are some features of CLIMA Roof system:

  • Excellent thermal insulation using FIBRAN extruded polystyrene boards (reduction of heat losses on the roof up to 90% and in the building up to 40%)
  • Excellent hydro insulation using KRAFT special cement based materials and a total of 2 levels of protection against moisture.
  • Lightweighted, ideal for buildings with load problems (indicative application weight of Clima Roof System: 12 -25Kg / m2)
  • Durable and suitable for pedestrian traffic
  • It can be applied in a small thickness (usually about 6-10 cm), saving the cost of alterations (raising of parapets, solar collectors, staircase doors etc.)
  • High water vapor permeability, reduced risk of water vapor entrapment of pre-existing moisture
  • Excellent adhesion to any compact and clean roof surface
  • Fast application and low residents disturbing
  • Easy to control and clean
  • Accepts subsequent layers of materials (eg tiles) without restrictions when decided.







Σύστημα CLIMAroofApplication

A. In the case of slopes, Clima Roof is implemented as a system with the following sequence of work with specific materials


Β. In the case of non-inclined rooms, Clima Roof is implemented as a system, following the corresponding sequence of tasks with specific materials.