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CLIMAtotal systemExternal Thermal Insulation
Certified System

CLΙΜΑtotal® is a system that covers the need for maximum efficiency during the entire year. Specially researched to offer well-balanced benefits in our country’s basic climate zones, it combines the certified BIOCLIMA® quality with the advantages of a solution tailored to your needs:

1. Benefits since the first day

Financial benefits become obvious since the first day of CLΙΜΑtotal® system application:

  • Substantial reduction of cooling/heating bills
  • Minimization of maintenance cost
  • Short depreciation time (4-6 years)
  • Up to 6% increase of useful area in recently constructed buildings
  • Upgrading of the building’s commercial value
2. Energy protection

The building’s thermal and waterproofing reinforcement creates an efficient energy protection barrier during the entire year, minimizing the problems caused by thermal changes.

  • Protection of the building’s structural frame
  • Increase of the building’s life span
  • Elimination of thermal bridges
  • Up to 40% energy savings
3. Total aesthetic renovation

It’s the only thermal insulation system that utilizes the thousands of Kraft Inspired Color shades in a great variety of finishes, harmonically integrated in the Greek architectural tradition.

  • Available in thousands of color shades
  • Finishes adapted to the Greek tradition
  • Absence of cracks
  • Outstanding resistance to dampness
4. Easy and fast application

Based on user-friendly building materials for easy and fast application without any problems for the residents.

  • Replacement of door and window casings is not required
  • Suitable for all buildings
  • Applied without any problems for the residents


CLΙΜΑtotal® is the ideal solution for effective building protection, adapted to the extreme climatic conditions and high seismicity of Greece.

It constitutes the most thorough system of the specially researched for Greek weather conditions BIOCLIMA®line. It’s an efficient method of thermal insulation of buildings, which combines energy savings with a total aesthetic renovation of their exterior.

Suitable for recently constructed as well as old buildings, one-floor residential buildings, apartment buildings and industrial buildings, it dramatically improves their “inertia” to external temperature changes, ensuring a pleasant environment and financial benefits.


CLΙMAtotal® What it means?
What is the profit?
Adapted to the extreme climatic conditions Upgrading of the building’s commercial value Up to 40% energy savings
Applied without any problems for the residents Facades lifting Minimization of maintenance cost
Finishes adapted to the Greek tradition Protection of the building’s structural frame Short depreciation time (4-6 years)
880 shades Increase of the building’s life span Up to 6% increase of useful area in recently constructed buildings
Environmental friendly Elimination of thermal bridges