Colors of Greece

Colors with their own light.

Colors with their own light. The sunshine, sea and life of Greek light. Peacock blue, blue sky, or Greek blue as some say. The tarama pink, the ouzo gray, the beige of sand.

Colors that are praised all over the world and that travelers would like to take in their luggage leaving Greece. Inexhaustible colors in nuances, feelings and stories.

Reference Shades. KRAFT Paints studied, analyzed and chose Colors of Greece to be the center of inspiration and creativity as to produce the two innovative fandecks, KRAFT INSPIRED COLLECTION and KRAFT REFLECTIVE COLLECTION.

Shades that are available only from KRAFT Paints. The KRAFT INSPIRED COLLECTION with 1720 unique shades offers you an excellent collection of suggestions that allows you to quickly and easily choose the perfect color for your space. It is the ideal tool for the individual, the professional, the decorator, the architect.

The new KRAFT REFLECTIVE COLLECTION collection includes 185 unique shades for the exterior of your home. The result of long research, the 185 shades were created to be used with the innovative KRAFT 4 SEASONS outdoor color series.

To discover Greece and the power of colors in our everyday life in a new way, see the two new fandecks inspired by Colors of Greece and get them at one of our selected partners shops or online.