KRAFT PAINTSThe Company's energy and environmental priorities resulted in the promotion and implementation of the following initiatives:

  • Implementation of a recycling program for paper, batteries, printer ink cartridges, plastic & metallic containers, wooden pallets; all in collaboration with certified service providers for management and utilization of such materials.
  • Issuance of Product & Raw Materials suitability & compliance Certificates.
  • Reclamation of solvent waste product from the production process in an intermittent operation Thermal Treatment Plant, flushing of containers and other equipment and reusing the process product as cleaning agent.
  • Collection and storage of slime generated through Thermal Treatment and supply of the same to Certified Hazardous Waste Treatment Companies.
  • Harmonization with Hellenic and EC regulations and replacement of harmful substances identified as hazardous for Humans and the Environment.
  • Furthermore, the company is committed to the collective Alternative Packaging Handling System, according to Law 2939/06-08-01 (SGI 179 Α) and is in the process for badging all models of its packaging containers with the Green Dot.
  • Invests in the purchase and installation of modern mechanical equipment, aimed at quality improvement, elimination of labor accidents, prevention of spills, reduction of air – suspended particles as well as air emissions and noise, improvement of light levels, electric energy savings and more comfortable employees accommodation and amenities in common spaces.
  • Implementation of a program for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and total annual emissions of NOx, SO2 and particulate pollutants resulting from the activities of the Group.
  • Applying a fuel reduction program to the Group’s overall activities.
  • Implementation of a program for reducing the consumption of grid and electricity

Aimed at direct Certification pursuant to OHSAS 18001 standard and simultaneously the establishment of an Integrated Management System, the company implements objections as laid out in the company’s Environmental Policy Statement:

  • Reduction of suspended particles concentration, both at filter outlets and in plant premises to a percentage equal to 5% compared to last year’s measured values.
  • Decrease of solvent emissions both at air vent discharge outlets and at the products manufacturing and packaging locations to a rate equal to 1% compared to values measured last year.
  • Noise reduction at indoor & outdoor plant areas by 2% or value reduced by 1dB per measured location.

The Company is the leader in its sector, having installed an EMAS (Eco Management & Audit Scheme), according to EC 761/ 2004 European Standard, promoting the communication of its environmental performance and plans implemented simultaneously; it also employs an Environment Management System pursuant to ISO 14001: 2004.