Energy SaveTriple technology, based on KRAFT European Patented Technology!

Based on KRAFT Paints EP2289862

For roofs
For walls & ceilings

Energy SaveNew innovative product line for energy saving

  • More than 40% of energy consumption is used in buildings for heating/ cooling
  • Approximately 2/3 of the heat/cooling of a building is lost/absorbed by the walls or ceilings
  • Energy cost increase the last years (oil, taxes, etc)

By using the intelligent coatings by KRAFT: you save energy which is consumed by heating / cooling using any system (boiler, air conditioning, etc.) and you get a clean and healthy environment within the building, with increased thermal comfort, while helping to environmental protection!

Triple energy save technology

  1. PCM (Phase Change Materials)

Microencapsulated phase-change material owes its excellent heat absorption capacity to the physical process of melting and solidifying.

  1. Glass bubbles

Reflect the thermal radiation, in order to avoid its absorption to the building structure

  1. Expanded microspheres

Thermoplastic microspheres with very low thermal conductivity

Energy Save – The Function

During Summer, prevent the absorption of heat from the roof (which causes temperature increase inside) but also prevent absorption and / loss of cooling in the house of the walls and the ceiling.
During Winter, prevent the absorption of the cold from the roof (which causes a decrease of the temperature inside) but also prevent the absorption and / loss of heat from inside the house walls and the ceiling.
Result: thermal comfort and a pleasant / healthy environment inside the building, winter – summer!

Energy Save InteriorPhotocatalytic paint for effective thermal protection and improved air quality


  1. Energy Management
    • Saving heating/cooling costs
    • Increase of thermal comfort
    • Reduce heat losses
  2. Protection
    • Prevents condensation resulting resistance to any algal and fungal growth
    • Photocatalytic activity, reduces pollutants and neutralizes odours
  3. DIY
    • Ease of application
    • Ultra matt, smooth finish
    • High coverage (10-12m2/lt/layer)

Energy Save RoofElastomeric membrane for effective thermal protection and waterproofing


  1. Energy Management
    • 90% Solar Reflectance-high whiteness
    • Increase of thermal inertia
  2. Protection
    • Waterproofing
    • High tensile strength
    • Durability
  3. DIY
    • Ease of application
    • Cleanability