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Η KRAFT PAINTS holds a significant positionin the area of architectural paints, varnishes and thermal insulation

through the production and distribution of products both in national and international level. The manufacturing industry, a brand with long history on architectural coatings, offers a holistic approach to every private and architectural project by becoming a valuable partner to the end user, professional painter, interior designer, architect, structural and construction services and contractors. By continuously investing on cutting edge technology and supporting research and development, KRAFT PAINTS is able to provide high performance products and solutions.


The company offering includes

a wide range of:

Wall paints
Interior and exterior wall paints
Ecological paints
Wood & Metal
High protection wood and metal paints
Stone care
Stone care products
BIOCLIMA holistic approach including energy save and thermal insulation systems
Energy save
Waterproofing and energy save solutions
Special products
Special and floor application products

KRAFT PAINTS incorporates anenvironmental philosophy

and the commitment to operate in an ecologically sensitive manner without compromising on quality. KRAFT PAINTS applications meet all the major architectural quality standards and provide the quality that customers, from architects to applicators demand. KRAFT PAINTS high performance is supported by strong national and international certifications and a proven track record of examples featuring many well-known construction applications.