DRUCKFARBEN – KRAFT Paints is an Affiliate Member of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE).

SETE aims at constantly boosting competitiveness and demonstrating the key role of tourism in the Greek economy. SETE represents national sectoral associations of tourism businesses as well as individual businesses involved in the tourism economy in general covering the entire range of tourism activities.


SETE envisions a balanced growth of the tourism sector, aimed at improving performance and increasing the number of arrivals and overnight stays, while improving the distribution of tourism supply throughout the country, and improving the distribution of demand over time.

The above objectives are pursued within the framework of environmental protection, and with the utmost respect for and promotion of Greek culture.

Tourism industry is key to Greek development and the transfer of culture, history, philosophy and local customs and values to the world. The hotel industry employs a large percentage of manpower with extensive experience of foreign guests and their needs.

The hotel market in Greece is in the phase of expansion. Investments in the hotel industry continued in both 2015 and 2016 with the addition of new hotels to the three highest star categories. A steady growth pillar has emerged during the crisis, raising its contribution to Greek GDP to 3.5% in 2016 from 2.5% in 2008 (compared with 1.6% in the main rival Mediterranean Countries).

KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIMA – Quality in Infrastructure

Visiting tourists in hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars is an overall experience that is framed by a wealth of qualitative and quantitative elements. Some of them are combined in the interior and exterior decoration with colors and shades, external thermal insulation, building waterproofing, the correct and seasonal painting of the pools and many other elements that contribute to the upgrading maintenance of the building.

KRAFT PAINTS & BIOCLIMAIntegrated solutions for HO.RE.CA.

KRAFT Paints R&D Department – Specialist in Shades, Certified Quality Products

  • Selection of shades, Product quality and usage guidance according to specific conditions
  • KRAFT Greek Partner Network – Local hotel, bars, cafes and restaurants support as to develop, upgrade and reduce maintenance costs for their infrastructures
  • KRAFT Inspired Color – Fan deck and color cards system – Thousands of shades from our machines in our partner network
  • Our R&D department collborates with international organizations such as NOVA Paints Club as to monitor international trends and advise on color alternatives to each project and need
  • Specially enhanced shades for outdoor use::

Color Resistance to Solar Reflectance
KRAFT Paints provides a variety of shades with Total Reflectance (TSR) through the REFLECTIVE Collection. The solar reflectance value for each shade has been measured by the National Technical University of Athens according to internationally certified measurement standards.

The REFLECTIVE COLLECTION fan consists of 185 shades selected by a team of designers and architects highly skilled in the exterior facades of buildings combined with the innovative 4SEASONS exterior paints series.

  • Long-lasting preservation of hues & aesthetics
  • Accuracy of internal or external shades and accurate shade repeatability over time

BIOCLIMA B2B Department Years of Specialization in Hotels and Large scale Projects

Specialized B2B Team – Experienced executives with significant experience in projects that cooperate with the Greek Kraft Paints Partner Network and provide:

  • Supporting the design and construction of the project
  • Ability to provide a cost analysis
  • Ability to visit the project, propose solutions and support material implementation issues.
  • Support for specific project shades
  • Competitive prices
  • BIOCLIMA by KRAFT Paints has been trusted for many years by a large number of individuals as well as manufacturers and designers for use in various buildings such as school complexes and hotel units.

92 certified combinations of materials as a system with European certification according to ETAG004

BIOCLIMA CLIMAtotal is an External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS). It can be be applied to new and old facades the external wall of the buildingand it is certified by EOTA (based on ETAG004) with ETA number 10/0122 issued by EXOVA. The system includes 3 different types of thermal insulating boards: i) expanded polystyrene EPS (white or graphite), ii) extruded polystyrene XPS, iii) mineral wool MW with special external thermal insulation requirements. The base coat is either cement based or cement-free (organic) material with high anticracking properties. The finishing decorative plaster is organic, ready to use, based with granules of 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm. Additional components such as glass fibre mesh, primer and fixing anchors and auxiliaries are described below. All the components making up the system carry the necessary certifications (CE, DoP, EDF etc …)

Components of ETICS System Bioclima (CLIMATotal) by KRAFT Paints.
1. Adhesive for thermal insulating panels:
Strong Bond. Cement based, one-component mortar modified with polymer additives. Excellent adhesion to all mineral substrates, high elasticity, resistance to frost and humidity. Complies with EN 13499 and ETAG 004 European standards.. Indicative consumption 4 – 6 Kg / m2
2. Thermal Insulation Boards:
a. Expanded Polystyrene – EPS (White)
The expanded polystyrene boards (white) are certified according to EN 13163 and meet the requirements of ETAG004. In particular, the thermal conductivity must be at least λ≤0,036 W / mK, compressive strength CS (10) ≥ 80 kPa, tensile strength TR≥150 kPa and water absorption WL (P) ≤0,5 kg / m2. Indicative consumption of 1 m2 / m2.
b.Expanded polystyrene graphite – EPS
The expanded polystyrene graphite boards are certified according to EN 13163 and meet the requirements of ETAG004. In particular, the thermal conductivity must be at least λ≤0,033 W / mK, compressive strength CS (10) ≥ 80 kPa, tensile strength TR≥150 kPa and water absorption WL (P) ≤0,5 kg / m2. Indicative consumption of 1 m2 / m2.
c. Extruded polystyrene – XPS
Extruded polystyrene are certified to EN13164 and meet the requirements of ETAG004. In particular, the thermal conductivity is at least λ≤0,036 W / mK and the plates do not have a smooth skin (no skin). Indicative consumption of 1 m / m.
d. Mineral Wool
Mineral Wool boards are certified according to EN13162 and meet the requirements of ETAG004. In particular, the thermal conductivity is at least λ≤0,036 W / mK and the class of Euroclass A1. Indicative consumption of 1 m2 / m2.
3. Base Coat – Anticracking protection:
a. Strong Bond. One-component cementitious fibre-reinforced mortar modified with polymer additives and very good anticracking protection, by Bioclima/KRAFT. The material consists of cement, limestone fillers, quartz sand and other additives. Complies with EN 13499 and ETAG004 European standards. Indicative consumption of 4 Kg / m2.
b.Total Bond. Water-based ready to use base coat containing an organic binder, mineral fillers and additives with high elasticity and excellent anticracking protection Complies with EN 15824 and ETAG004 European standards. Indicative consumption of 3.5 – 4 Kg / m2.
4. Alkali resistant reinforcing mesh
Strong Net. Alkali resistant reinforcing mesh has weight approximately 160g / m2, has high tensile strength and optimized force absorption to prevent cracks and it is certified by ETAG004. Indicative consumption of 1.1 m2 / m2.
5. Adhesion and waterproofing primer
Plaster Primer.
Ready to use white acrylic primer, recommended as support layer for finishing decorative plasters. When applied forms a slightly textured (rough) surface ensuring strong plaster adhesion. . The material complies with ETAG004. Indicative consumption of 0.125 lt / m2.
6. Decorative finishing plaster
a. Acrylic Plaster. Ready to use decorative organic coating high in solids. Excellent adhesion and resistance to mechanical stress. Ideal for typical construction projects. It can be tinted. . Indicative consumption of 2-3 Kg / m2.
b. FlexoPlaster. High quality waterborne plaster featuring excellent color retention, strong adhesion and superior resistance to rain, frost, air pollution, sea moisture and tough weather conditions. Can withstand impact and abrasion, has good drying properties, excellent water vapor permeability and low water absorption coefficient, and does not seal the surface, allowing breathability. It can be tinted. . Indicative consumption of 2-3 Kg / m2.
c. Waterproof Plaster. Ready to use decorative high solids plaster formulated with UV cross-linked, highly elastic and hydrophobically modified polymer, silicone treated natural granules, pigments and additives. It can be tinted. . Indicative consumption of 2-3 Kg / m2.
d. Granite. Organic ready-to-use coating, extremely durable, with 1.2-1.8 mm colored quartz beads, certified by ETAG004. Indicative consumption of 4-5 Kg / m2.
e. CLIMAComfort STUCCO Waterborne polycarbonate polymer modified acrylic coating, highly resistant to substrate alkali migration, with excellent adhesion to pre-painted cementitious substrates. Highly durable coating, it benefits from a combination of patented energy saving and solar energy reflecting ingredients and a unique binder system reinforced with a highly durable polycarbonate polymer that enhances water resistance, improves water vapor permeability and provides an easily cleaned fine textured surface. Tintable, it features exceptional color fastness, exterior durability and UV resistance. Superior resistance to bacteria, fungi and algae. Excellent solar reflection and unique thermal insulating ingredients store daytime heat energy, blocking heat gain during the summer and retaining heat during the winter, improving indoor comfort and energy efficiency. . The material has a solar reflective index SRI≥108, a thermal conductivity λ≤0,17 W / mK, a thermal emittance ε≥0,93 and it is certified by ETAG004.. Indicative consumption of 1.8 – 2.4 lt / m2.
7. Accessories – Additional Components
For the finishing of the external thermal insulation work, various materials such as:
• TotalAngle ΡVC corner beads with built-in alkali resistant glass-reinforced mesh
• TotalDrip PVC water drip profiles applied on lintel openings for water abduction with built-in alkali resistant glass-reinforced mesh
• TotalDub heat-insulating anchors with plastic or metal pin
• TotalTap polystyrene caps to avoid thermal bridges and cover the TotalDub plug heads
• TotalSK PVC groove profiles
• TotalDil Continuous PVC profile for the creation of an expansion joints with built-in alkali resistant glass-reinforced mesh
• TotalALU Metal base profile
• Gun Foam 51 and Glue Foam 52 polyurethane foam
• Jointing materials and additional special items etc.

All of the above have the necessary European certifications and belong to KRAFT’s BIOCLIMA external thermal insulation composite system.