Decorative acrylic plaster for façade rendering

Decorative high solids, ready for use organic plaster formulated with acrylic polymer dispersion, with natural granules, pigments, and additives.
It is suitable for exterior or interior surfaces of concrete, plaster, masonry and pre-painted surfaces. It is recommended and ETA certified for use with excellent results as finishing layer over exterior thermal-insulating systems (ETICS), enhancing the durability and efficiency of such systems and in particular in the CLIMATotal® System. The tough coating enhances water resistance, improves water vapour permeability and permits an easy to clean fine textured surface. The product may be tinted and presents exceptional colorfastness, exterior durability and UV resistance. Superior resistance to bacteria, fungi, and algae is a further benefit with ACRYLIC PLASTER.

» Tough finishing
» Good water vapour permeability
» Excellent mechanical strength
» Weather resistant






trowel, render spray machine


Dry to touch
1-2 hours


25 kg


Transparent, White

  • Instructions


To ensure proper adhesion and adequate substrate penetration, the surface must be dry, clean and free of dust, oil, salt, rust, loose paint and residues, blistered paint etc.
Remove all moss, fungi, and algae by mechanical abrasion and wash with soapy water and allow the substrate to dry.

» Use KRAFT PUTTY or other suitable repairing material of KRAFT to fill gaps, cracks and other damaged surfaces.
» It is recommended that fresh concrete, stucco, plaster and gypsum surfaces are allowed to dry for at least 4 weeks before the application of ACRYLIC PLASTER.
» On porous, new surfaces or already painted substrates and on Strong Bond in CLIMA Total System apply one coat of PLASTER PRIMER.
» After 24 hours apply one coat of ACRYLIC PLASTER with a stainless steel trowel, and level the coat to the size of the grain with a plastic trowel. On wide surfaces, it is recommended to apply without interruption, wet on wet, in order to avoid visible joints.

» Tools: Trowel, render spray machine.
» Cleaning of tools: Immediately after the application, the tools must be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution. Remove as much material as possible
from tools before cleaning.
» Dilution: Does not required.
» Touch to dry time: 1-2 hours at 25ºC and RH 50%.
» Superficial Drying time: 24 hours, at 25ºC and RH 50%.
» Complete through drying time: 14 days, at 25ºC and RH 50%.
» Unfavorable conditions delay drying which can cause surface effects because of the water-soluble additives, especially in deep colors. These effects are normally removed
automatically on further weathering.
» Stir well with a flat paddle, before application, and at regular intervals during application.
» Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC or above 35ºC or at humidity levels above 65%.
» Do not apply if rain is imminent.
» Protect the newly applied area from direct sunlight, strong wind and rain by using waterproof sheeting placed so as to avoid contact with the painted surface.


» Keep containers tightly closed and store in frost-free conditions.
» Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C.


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