Acrylic, fiber-reinforced, ready-to-use, water-repellent decorative finishing render in pasty form with silicone enhancement

ClimaTop® Classic is a decorative, ready-to-use in pastyform, acrylic fiber-reinforced finishing render. It is vapor permeable, water repellent, based on silicone enhancement. It consists of natural granules of suitable graded granulometry, reinforced with PP-fibers and additional enhancers. It also contains lightweight microspheres from 100% recycled expanded glass (Recycled Glass Technology) providing excellent applicability, surface uniformity and advanced mechanical properties. It is classified as finishing render based on organic binder according to the standard EN 15824 and as part of certified external thermal insulation system CLIMAWALL® by BIOCLIMA® according to EAD 040083-00-0404, as finishing render.

» Fiber reinforced. 

» Contains microspheres made of 100% recycled glass (Recycled Glass Technology). 
» High color stability. 
» Different decorative textures (depending on the treatment method during application). 
» High resistance to weather conditions. 
» Vapour permeability, elasticity and water repellency. 
» Can be tinted in hundreds of shades through the KRAFT Inspired Colour System. 
» Excellent dirt pick-up resistance.






trowel, render spray machine


Dry to touch
1-2 hours


25 kg


Transparent, White

  • Instructions


» To ensure better adhesion, the surface is required to be dry, clean and free of dust, oils, salts, rust, loose paint and residues, swollen paints, etc. The surface should be as flat as possible. Large unevenness and cracks must be repaired using suitable repairing products by KRAFT PAINTS, before applying ClimaTop® Classic. 
» It is recommended that fresh concrete, stucco, plaster and gypsum surfaces are allowed to dry for at least 4 weeks before applying ClimaTop® Classic. 
» Apply a layer of ClimaTop® Primer on porous, new surfaces or already painted substrates, and also on cementitious base coat layer of external thermal insulation system CLIMAWALL® by BIOCLIMA®. 

» The product does not require addition of mixing water. 
» Stir the product before use with a low speed mechanical drill to homogenize. 

» After 24 hours of priming, apply a layer of ClimaTop® Classic with a stainless steel spatula and adjust the layer thickness to grain size. 
» Shape the decorative texture by properly treatment using a plastic spatula. 

» Immediately after the application the tools must be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution. Remove as much material as possible from tools before cleaning. 

» Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C as well as at humidity levels above 65%. 
» Do not apply in case of frost forecast for at least next 24 hours after application. Do not apply in case of impending rain or in direct intense sunlight and wind currents. 
» Surfaces must be protected from the sun, wind and rain with special protective covers. 
» Surface drying time 1-2 hours at 25°C and relative humidity 50%. 
» Minimum repainting time 24 hours at a temperature of 25°C and relative humidity 50%. 
» Complete drying time 14 days at a temperature of 25°C and relative humidity 50%. 
» Drying times are prolonged at lower temperatures and higher relative humidity. 
» It is recommended to check the adequacy of the amount of material and human resources before the application. 
» When application starts on parts of masonry it is recommended to be completed without interruption in order to avoid creation of joint lines with darker shade. 
» In case of cessation of the application, this is recommended to take place at: edges of the wall, near balconies, building joints, architectural elements (eg gutters, architectural details, etc.), so that during the restart of the application the joint lines do not exist at all or be as few as possible.

To ensure proper adhesion and adequate substrate penetration, the surface must be dry, clean and free of dust, oil, salt, rust, loose paint and residues, blistered paint etc.
Remove all moss, fungi, and algae by mechanical abrasion and wash with soapy water and allow the substrate to dry.

» Use KRAFT PUTTY or other suitable repairing material of KRAFT to fill gaps, cracks and other damaged surfaces.
» It is recommended that fresh concrete, stucco, plaster and gypsum surfaces are allowed to dry for at least 4 weeks before the application of ACRYLIC PLASTER.
» On porous, new surfaces or already painted substrates and on Strong Bond in CLIMA Total System apply one coat of PLASTER PRIMER.
» After 24 hours apply one coat of ACRYLIC PLASTER with a stainless steel trowel, and level the coat to the size of the grain with a plastic trowel. On wide surfaces, it is recommended to apply without interruption, wet on wet, in order to avoid visible joints.


» Stored in a dry environment with temperature between 5ºC – 35°C, away from direct sunlight and rain, for maximum 24 months from the date of production.
» Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.


Read label before use. For further information please consult the Material Safety Data sheet. 
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