Acrylic modified enamel paint for metallic and wooden surfaces

Acrylic modified alkyd enamel paint for excellent sunlight resistance and high hardness. It maintains shade and gloss in adverse weather for many years. Ideal for exterior metal surfaces such as garage doors, railing, machinery, industrial equipment etc. It offers anti-corrosion protection after when the appropriate primer is applied. It dries quickly and evenly, forming a hard and elastic surface. It features excellent leveling and easy brushing, providing a uniform and durable surface with a perfect finish.

» High durability
» Excellent hardness

» High coverage



0 - 5%




brush, roller, or airless spray gun


Dry to touch
2 - 3 hours

Base P-D-A glossy / satin

0.75 L, 2.5 L

  • Instructions


The surface must be dry and free from dust and other residues and to be cleaned with Kraft Brush Solvent. Remove all loose or peeled coatings. Painted surfaces must be sanded with the appropriate sandpaper to obtain a dull finish. Wet sanding is recommended. Avoid dust generation and exposure to it

» On new metallic surfaces: For enhanced anticorrosive properties before topcoat apply 1-2 coats of Kraft Rust Blocker or Kraft Minio and optionally 1 coat of Kraft Metal Primer.

» On aluminum or galvanized steel: apply first 1-2 coats the Kraft Multi Primer and let it dry for 24h.

» On already painted surfaces: Check the stability of the already painted surface. Remove all loose or peeled coatings and apply directly 2 coats Kraft Hard Duko Classic.


» Avoid applying in case of expected rain in the next 5 days.
» Before start painting, dilute the paint by adding up to 5% by volume Kraft Brush Solvent or 5% by volume Kraft Nitro 1100 for spray gun application and stir well.
» Application tools: brush, roller, spray gun.
» Apply 2 coats of KRAFT HARD DUKO CLASSIC for an optimum result.
» Apply it outdoors or well-ventilated area.
» Minimum recoating time: 16h.
» Surface drying time: 2-3 hours at 25°C and 50% RH. Drying time is longer in wet or cold conditions.
» For reducing drying time and increasing the toughness instead of solvent, add up to 8% by volume the hardener KRAFT HARD METAL EXTRA. The mixture must be used within 8-12 h.
» Avoid applying when the temperature is below 5°C or over 35°C and relative humidity is over 65%.

» Clean the tools thoroughly with Kraft Brush Solvent, water and soap.
» Close the bucket well to maintain in good condition for future use. Store before and after opening in a cool place and away from sunlight or frost conditions.
» The painted surface must be used after 48h and the through drying of the paint.
» The painted surface is washable after at least 30 days from the application.


» Store the product before and after opening at temperatures between 5°C to 35°C.


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