Antialkaline reinforcement mesh

Antialkaline reinforcement mesh (75gr/m²) for roofing waterproofing coats.

Packaging: Roll 50m2 (1×50),75gr/m2

  • Alkali resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Suitable for the local reinforcement of surfaces that develop high cracking tensions during plastering
  • Strong resistance to elastic deformation
  • Plasticizer-free
  • ETA certification for exterior thermal insulation (ETA10/0122)


Surface Preparation

To  ensure  proper  adhesion  to  the  substrate,  the  surface must be dry, clean and free of dust, oil, salt, rust, loose paint and residues, blistered paint etc. Maximum moisture content should not exceed 15%.  Remove all moss, fungi and algae by mechanical abrasion and wash with soapy water and allow the substrate to dry.

Application Instructions

  • The application substrate must be even, free from frail and foreign parts like e.g. residues of mud, plaster, color, oils, etc. and without any large cracks. Additionally the substrate must be  stable  and  free  from  shrinkage  and  deformation tensions and it must not receive vibrations.
  • Embed the reinforcing mesh in the upper third of the reinforcement sTronG Bond or ToTAl Bond without bubbles and creases into the freshly applied reinforcing compound, then fill and level. The mesh joints must overlap by 10cm, the edge strips serve as overlap marking.
  • A diagonal reinforcement must be made on building openings (windows, doors) with strips of mesh (min dimension 20cmx20cm).

After Use Instructions

  • Clean all  tools  and  application  equipment  with  water immediately  after    Hardened material  can  only  be mechanically removed.
  • Stir well before use and during application.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 10 o C and above 35 o c as well as at relative humidity levels above 80%. Do not apply if rain is imminent.
  • Avoid application in direct sunlight and/or strong wind. You can  wash  the  painted  surfaces  gently  with  a  soft sponge and water and in cases of bad stains with a mild detergent read label before use. For further information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.


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