2-component pool epoxy paint

High performance, solvent-based epoxy paint is designed for the protection of swimming pools, fountains and water tanks. It presents excellent resistance to fresh and salt water, chlorination products, acids, alkalis, and sunscreen oils. Thanks to the two-component composition, it creates a strong and at the same time flexible film, which exhibits excellent behavior against contraction and expansion of the surface, high temperatures and abrasion, and helps maintain the good condition of the color for longer. It is self-priming and presents strong adhesion to surfaces made of concrete or cement mortar. It is suitable for new and already painted pools, after appropriate preparation.

» Excellent resistance to water and chemicals.
» Excellent resistance to mechanical stress.
» Excellent adhesion.
» Stylish gloss finish.






Roller, brush, airless spray-gun


Dry to touch
1-2 hours


3 L, 9 L


RAL colors upon order (minimum quantity 500kg), Light Blue, White

  • Instructions


» The surface must be dry, clean and free of dust, grease, salts, rust, loose paint and residues, blistered paint, etc. The moisture content of the substrate must not exceed 4%. In newly constructed pools of concrete or cement mortar, clean the surface with 10% hydrochloric acid solution, wash with soapy water and let it dry completely.
» Apply at least 28 days after construction.
» In already painted pools, remove completely the old paints, with solvents or mechanical means, while 2 component paints must be slightly rubbed with sandpaper to ensure the proper adhesion of the paint.
» For filling gaps, cracks or other damaged surfaces, use KRAFT STRONG REPAIR.
» For protection against negative pressure, use the KRAFT HYDROGUARD FLEX system, reinforced with the alkali-resistant KRAFT HYDROGUARD NET.

» Add the component B into the component A, under stirring under low speed and mix thoroughly until complete homogenization.
» Apply 2 coats of KRAFT POOL EPOXY for the best result. Do not apply to high thickness because this may cause swelling, blisters and/or premature detachment of the paint.
» On painted surfaces with stable substrates: Apply two coats of KRAFT POOL EPOXY.
» On new surfaces: Apply three coats of KRAFT POOL EPOXY.
» Tools: Apply by brush, roller or an airless spray.
» Dilution:
• 1st coat: 10-12% with KRAFT Nitro 2000
• 2nd-3rd coat: 8-10% με KRAFT Nitro 2000
» Cleaning: Clean the tools and the products’ residues, thoroughly with KRAFT NITRO 2000, immediately after use.
» The product has a pot life of 4 hours.
» Dry to touch: 1-2 hours (at 25oC and 50% relative humidity).
» Dry to recoat: After 24 hours.

» Allow to cure for 7 days prior to fill the pool with water.
» Avoid applying when the temperature is below 10°C or over 35°C, relative humidity is over 65% or under direct sunlight as well as in cases of expected precipitation in the next 4-6 hours.
» Allow adequate ventilation to exhaust solvent fumes, especially in very deep or indoor pools.
» Sunlight and UV will cause chalking and fading over the time.
» Early chalking may occur if the pH of the water is outside the range of 7.0-7.6. Early contact with water can cause premature fading, chalking and blistering. Super chlorinated water can cause a bleached-out appearance.


» Store sealed containers in a cool place and away from direct sunlight at temperatures 5°C to 35°C and humidity <50%.


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