Fine grain cement mortar for puttying for interior use

White fine grain cement mortar for puttying, modified with selected resins and additives providing protection against mould in interior. Suitable for smoothing plaster or concrete surfaces whose rough surface does not exceed 3mm. It creates a smooth and very strong surface. No priming needed before the application. It is superior to traditional oil-based grouts involving long drying times and oil migration /secretion with time even after years have elapsed. It is very resistant to humidity, frost and changes of temperature. Easy to mix and apply. It is easily scrubbed and dries quickly. Speeds up paint-ing work and lowers its cost.

» Superfine final texture
» Great coverage
Great resistance to damp and frost
» It can receive subsequent coat for greater thickness than 3mm
Excellent workability
No cracking
Fast drying, sandable


Mixing ratio
7.0-8.0Kg water/20Kg


1.5kg/m2 /mm


Trowel, spatula, rendering machine


1-2 hours


20 kg, 5 kg



  • Instructions


Substrate must be sound, clean, and free from oil, grease, loose material, surface contaminants and other bond-inhibiting materials.
» Saturate porous substrate with water or prime with KRAFT POWDER BOND or KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA. On non-porous substrate prime with KRAFT BONDING PRIMER.

» Poor 7.0-8.0Kg water, depending on the preferred workability, in a suitable empty container and add slowly while stirring KRAFT POWDERFINE mortar (20Kg) by using an electric mixer at low speed. Mix to uniform consistency (approx. 3 minutes).
» The mortar may be applied with a trowel, spatula or a rendering machine ensuring full coverage of the substrate. In cases where the required thickness is more than 3mm, apply a second coat after the first coat sets (after 6 hours) and within the next 24 hours.
» On an exterior plaster or concrete surface and on surfaces with large cracks or damp it is necessary to add at least 1L of the special additive KRAFT POWDER BOND, replacing a com-mensurate quantity or part of the required water amount.
» Pot life of the mixture: 90min at 25°C.
» Cleaning: Immediately after use, wash the tools with hot water and soap or detergent, along with product residues. Once it has set, cleaning may only be carried out by mechanical means.

» Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C as well as at relative humidity (RH) levels above 80%.
» Do not add cement or other inert materials to KRAFT POWDERFINE plaster.
» Do not add water once the mix has started to set.
» Protect from rain, humidity and water contact for 24 hours after application.
» Protect newly applied material from direct sunlight, hot or strong wind and high temperatures for the first 10 hours after the application.
» Maximum thickness of each layer should not exceed 3mm.
» Do not apply KRAFT POWDERFINE on surfaces with extreme movement (i.e. wood or gypsum boards).
» On very absorbent substrates like porobeton apply first a coat of KRAFT POWDER BOND (400% diluted with water).


» Stored for 12 months by the production date in its close and sealed packages, in dry and cool condition preferably on pallets.


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