Mineral adhesive and reinforcing mortar for External Thermal Insulation System

STRONG BOND is a fiber reinforced cement based mortar, one-component modified with polymer additives for bonding and plastering of thermal insulating boards (EPS, XPS and mineral wool) on exterior thermal insulation systems for buildings. It consists of cement, quartz sand fillers and special additives. It presents a very strong adhesion on all the usual mineral substrates and thermal insulation boards, high elasticity, resistance to frost and humidity. It is suitable to use in combination with alkali resistant glass fiber mesh for preventing cracking on walls both indoors and outdoors. It complies with EN 998-1 and ETAG 004 European standards and it is ETA certified to be used as and adhesive and reinforcing material on external thermal-insulating systems (ETICS), enhancing the durability and efficiency of such systems and in particular in the CLIMATotal® System.


Mixing ratio
6.0-6.5L water/25kg




Stainless steel, trowel, airless or air-assisted spray gun


90 minutes


25 kg


Grey, White

  • Instructions


The application substrate must be even, free from frail and foreign parts like e.g. residues of mud, plaster, color, oils, etc. and without any large cracks. Additionally, the substrate must be stable and free from shrinkage and deformation tensions and it must not receive vibrations.
In a clean container add 6-6.5L of clean water and gradually empty the content of a 25Kg bag of STRONG BOND while mixing continuously with an electrical agitator, in order to produce a homogenous mortar mass. Allow the produced mixture to mature for 5 minutes and mix again for a further half minute with manual application. The mixture is ready to use within the next 4 hours. After the preparation of the mixture do not add additional water to correct the workability of the mortar. This shall lead to a decrease of its resistances and to an increase of its shrinkage.

Application as adhesive:
Application on level surfaces: STRONG BOND is applied on the thermal insulating board using the even side of the stainless steel trowel and the adhesive layer is then combed informingly with its toothed side.
» Application on uneven surfaces: STRONG BOND is spread with a trowel around the perimeter of the thermal insulating plate and on the center point. The adhesion share with adhesive application onto the board: minimum 40% of the board in adhered condition. The boards are pressed firmly on the wall in order to ensure uniform contact of the adhesive. The final surface must be completely leveled. The open time is 15 minutes after the adhesive is applied. Any surplus adhesive must be removed from the joints. If the adhesive dries before the thermal insulating board is applied, remove it and apply a fresh layer.
» Application as coating: Over the whole surface of the thermal insulating boards a uniform 1-3mm thick layer of the STRONG BOND mortar is applied using trowel and reinforced with the glass fiber mesh. The mesh must be overlapped approx. 10cm in the joint area. At building openings (window, door reveals etc.), diagonal reinforcement must be carried out. After 24h it could be applied another thin layer of mortar 1-2mm, in a way that it completely covers the mesh and provides an even surface. During the application and also during the next 24 hours the ambient temperature and the substrate temperature must be between 5ºC and 35ºC. The adhesive can be cleaned with water while it is still moist. After it hardens, it is removed mechanically. After the mortar dries completely, PLASTER PRIMER is applied and then the final decorative plaster of CLIMATOTAL System is applied, such as WATERPROOF PLASTER, FLEXO PLASTER, ACRYLIC PLASTER and CLIMACOMFORT STUCCO.

Tools: Stainless steel trowel, airless or air-assisted spray gun.
» Cleaning of tools: Immediately after the application, the tools must be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution. Remove as much material as possible from tools before cleaning.
» Mixing ratios: Water 4:1 parts by weight or 25Kg powder 6.3L water.
» Consumption on thermal insulating boards: 4-6Kg/m2, as an adhesive, 4-5Kg/m2, as reinforcing material.
» Stir well with a flat paddle, before application and at regular intervals during application.
» Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC or above 35ºC or at humidity levels above 65%.
» Do not apply if rain is imminent.
» Do not apply on masonries directly exposed to intense solar radiation or on warm substrates.


» Stored on wooden palettes and in a dry environment with temperature above 5ºC for 12 months from the production date.


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