REPAIRCONCRETEStrong Repair 84 - KRAFT Paints

One component, high performance cementitious, fiber reinforced mortar for structural repairs

KRAFT STRONG REPAIR 84 is a grey one-component, ready-to-use, cementitious, fiber reinforced, thixotropic, high strength shrinkage-compensated mortar. Suitable for new construction, repairs, and maintenance work. It meets the minimum requirements defined by ΕΝ 1504-3 for structural mortars of Class R4.

Thixotropic, no air entrapment
Superior workability
Easy to use
» Bond strength ensures superior adhesion
Superior abrasion resistance
Almost zero shrinkage
High early strengths
Water vapor permeable
Very fine finishing


Mixing ratio
3.8-5.0Kg νερό/25Kg


2.0-2.2Kg/m2 /mm


trowel, spatula or a rendering machine


Dry to touch
45 minutes


25 kg



  • Instructions


Substrate must be sound, clean, and free from oil, grease, loose material, surface contaminants and other bond-inhibiting materials. Steel reinforcement must be clean and free from any rust. Be sure repair area is not less than 3/8 in. in depth. Preparation work should be done by high-pressure water blast, or other appropriate mechanical means, to obtain an exposed aggregate surface.
» Steel reinforcement should be thoroughly prepared by mechanical cleaning to remove all traces of rust. Where corrosion has occurred due to the presence of chlorides, the steel should be high-pressure washed with clean water after mechanical cleaning. For priming of reinforcing steel, use KRAFT HYDROGUARD ONE or KRAFT HYDROGUARD FLEX.
» Saturate concrete surface with clean water or prime with KRAFT POWDER BOND.

» Pour 3.8-5.0Kg water, depending on the preferred work-ability, in a suitable empty container and add slowly while stirring KRAFT KRAFT STRONG REPAIR 84 mortar (25Kg) by using an electric mixer at low speed. Mix to uniform consistency (approx. 3 minutes).
» Apply KRAFT STRONG REPAIR 84 mortar by low pressure or by trowelling for repairing vertical or overhead surfaces.
» Pot life of the mixture: 45min at 25°C.
» Let the material to set for 24 hours before loading any weight.
» Cleaning: Immediately after use, wash the tools with hot water and soap or detergent, along with product residues. Once it has set, cleaning may only be carried out by mechanical means.
» Smooth or paint the final surface after curing with KRAFT FINE REPAIR or industrial and decorative paints.

» Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C and above 30°C.
» Do not add cement or other inert materials to KRAFT STRONG REPAIR 84 mortar.
» Do not add water more than the recommended price.
» Do not add water once the mix has started to set.
» The recommended maximum film thickness is 80mm per layer.
» At temperatures below 20ºC the product needs more time to be hardened.
» Protect from rain, humidity and water contact for 24 hours after application.
» Protect newly applied material from direct sunlight, hot or strong wind and high temperatures in order to avoid cracking.


» Stored for 12 months by the production date in its close and sealed packages, in dry and cool condition preferably on pallets.


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