KRAFT REFLECTIVE COLLECTION includes 185 unique shades, selected by highly qualified architects and decorators on the facades of buildings. In line with the latest trends of color worldwide, we help you choose the perfect shade for the exterior surfaces of your house.

The result of long research, these 185 shades were created to be used with KRAFT 4 SEASONS exterior line of colors. The 4 SEASONS line of products offers high protection, powder and dust resistance, insulation and protection from rain and moisture, excellent waterproofing and high breathability.

All REFLECTIVE COLLECTION shades were created one by one to remain unchangeable over time, by offering to the exterior building a sense of clean and freshly painted for many years.

At the same time, incorporating KRAFT’S specialized expertise, these shades are specifically designed to reflect much of the solar radiation, reducing the temperature of the external walls exposed to the sun, by improving energy consumption and upgrading the interior comfort of the occupants.

The value of reflectivity to solar radiation TSR (Total Solar Reflectance), for each color separately, is measured by the National Technical University of Athens, according to the internationally certified measurement standards.

Reflective Collection

Find, discover, mix and match your favorite shades and ask for the KRAFT Reflective

Collection fandeck in the nearest paints store. If you experience a difference in the color shade you have chosen, it is due to the screen of your device (computer, tablets, mobile devices), but also to the printing techniques, color shade, lighting or the nature of the dyeing surface. We recommend sampling the desired tint on the painted surface as you will have the exact fidelity of the tint in your favorite space.