KRAFT PAINTSStrategy & Goals

With the aim of achieving our vision of strengthening our leading role in the ink market and gaining a leading position in the coatings sector and energy saving market, the Group’s growth strategy focuses on the following goals per industry:
  • Inks Sector
  • Paints & Energy Saving Sector
  • Strengthening of the leading position in the ink market in the SE Europe
  • Penetrating new/emerging Markets
  • Introduction of high specification ink series to meet up with the ever demanding market requirements and environmental standards
  • Constant capital expenditure in R&D and know-how sharing
  • Expansion and enhancement of distribution network in South East Europe
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Penetration in new/emerging markets
  • Explore other investment opportunities in the region
  • Increase market share in Greece and South East Europe
  • Investments and constant modernization in production plants
  • Innovative tinting systems with innovative tech specs
  • Introduction of innovative products every year, faithful to our vision of innovation that gives value
  • Exploitation of existing network in order to initiate product entrance in parallel markets (plasters, tools, thermo/hydro-insulation systems) and the corresponding development of their sales points.
  • Further expansion of our network in South East Europe
  • Exploitation of NOVA CLUB know-how in R&D, marketing and advertising
  • Evaluate opportunities of further expansion via acquisitions