Weather conditions for paintingRain or snow,
we will find the solution!

Weather conditions (especially the extreme ones) affect to a little or a great degree the painting procedure, but in no case should they discourage you from painting your spaces and creating your own world … winter or summer!

Keep in mind KRAFT’s “wise” tips for painting according to weather and save effort and money!

Follow the instructions on the product labels!
The paints and varnishes are temperature sensitive and when you apply them, you must follow the instructions on the packaging. The ideal temperature for painting is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius!

Avoid painting on very cold or very hot days!
When it is too cold, the surfaces are cold, the paint becomes thicker and the solvent is slowly evaporating. The opposite happens on very hot days. Extreme temperatures increase the possibility of problems with the final result of painting (streaks, wrinkles, reduced gloss, crackling, reduced color properties).

Avoid painting when it has very high humidity!
Under high humidity conditions, the paints dry slowly and unevenly. Especially acrylic paints should not be applied when it is raining or is going to rain. Attention and dyeing of wooden surfaces, as with high humidity the wood has more internal moisture, causing problems.

Take care to ventilate the space!
With a good breeze, the colors dry faster and nicer and the VOCs of the paint are easily removed. On the other hand, a strong air stream can affect the uniformity of the gloss of color.